QR Code or QR Code Reader are transferring information from 2D barcode into data. Which may be letters, numbers, images or links. This is a simple way to read via camera mobile phone with  decoding software can be used to capture a picture of the QR-Code, of which the QR-Code software decoder can then transform the data held with the QR-Code to a meaningful action for the mobile phone

            QR Code has been used in a wide variety of business factors such as the 4's P of marketing and in the social networks such as  Product:  QR codes can also be used to provide various  types of products information to customers. Since some products are  too small, we cannot put all the information on their packaging such as  the ingredients of  food, raw materials, date of manufacture or expiry date etc.

            However, the data read from the QR Code may limit the functionality of the mobile phone on some models. That does not yet support the new technologies.

Top Ten countries with most vegetables

Top 10 countries with most vegetables.

No. 10 United Arab Emirates.

The average consumption of 173.5 kg / per one person.

No. 9 Egypt.

The average consumption of  185.7 kg / per one person.

No. 8 Romania.

The average consumption of 189.7 kg / per one person.

No. 7 Israel.

The average consumption of 194.4 kg / per one person.

No.6 Portugal.

The average consumption of 202.8 kg / per one person.

No. 5 China.

The average consumption of 212.5 kg  / per one person.

No. 4 Jordan.

The average consumption of 215.5 kg / per one person.

No. 3 Turkey.

The average consumption of 237.9 kg / per one person.

No. 2 South Korea.

The average consumption of 249.8 kg / per one person.

No. 1 Greece.

The average consumption of 257.0 kg / per one person.

Source www.toptenthailand.com.
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